Autonity - Round 5 is starting soon!

  • Start Time: March 12th 2024 00:00:00 UTC
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • ThemeTrading and markets

There are 6 award categories in this round, see the individual task pages for the challenge descriptions in each category and decide which ones you want to compete in. You can compete in as many or as few as you like.

Round #5 changes tempo and begins to move the game toward simulation of Autonity mainnet with on-chain activities focusing on market participation:

  • trading and liquidity provision in on- and off-chain exchanges
  • stake delegation to maximise staking returns in competitive validator markets
  • borrowing by CDP’s in the Auton Stabilization Mechanism (ASM), borrowing ATN against collateral token (NTN)

Registration is required before you can compete in any of the challenges. So if you have not already registered for the Piccadilly Circus Games Challenge, you should do that now.

Licensing for award submissions 

For entries to Developer and Education Tasks awards the following OSS licenses are accepted in this Round, per Clause 9. Intellectual Property of the Games Terms and Conditions:

Bug BountyFind and report bugs to win points. The top 20 bug finders in Round #5 win an award. At the end of the Games a roulette selects 5 bug finders who were not winners in a round, and those 5 win an award as well.
Community Incentive TasksWin an award for contributing to community development. Build the Autonity brand by participation in Autonity social media channels. Contribute to protocol R&D by joining topic discussion on
Developer Task: develop toolingCreate a tool for deployment automation, development, data visualisation, or trading scenarios. Submit your amazing tool creation for a chance to win an award. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are given in each category. You can make as many submissions as you can master, in any or all of the categories…
Developer Tasks: develop use casesDevelop use cases for the Autonity community. Make use of Autonity as an L1 platform and lever its primitives in your application. There are no pre-defined tasks or other constraints to design or inspiration. Just be guided by Autonity’s vision of decentralized infrastructure for borderless markets. You can make as many submissions as you can master…
Education TasksProduce blog posts, videos or infographics that explain and share knowledge about Autonity. Contribute resources to the awesome-autonity GitHub repo. You can submit as many entries and create content in as many of the thematic categories as you want…
Node Task: Open the doorDeploy and operate a node as a public RPC endpoint. Set up an RPC node on the Piccadilly testnet and open it to the public. Keep it continuously live, state synced, and responsive for all of Round #5… Liveness is continuously measured; points are earned proportional to performance. There are up to 50 winners for Open the door!
On-chain Task: Ping-Pong challengeSubmit value to a contract on-chain and take part in an economic game. Details to be announced…
On-chain Task: PnL challengeTransact and trade! Take part in stake delegation, borrow, and trade on- off-chain to find αlpha and top the leaderboard. Points are earned proportional to performance. Maximise PnL as a trader on on- and off-chain exchanges, provide liquidity, and maximise staking returns in delegation markets. There are up to 220 winners for PnL challenge!
Validator Task: Onboard validatorDSet up a validator node, register it on the Piccadilly testnet and maintain ≥ 90% up-time every day over the course of Round #5; points are earned proportional to performance. There are up to 120 winners for Onboard validator!