Dymension - The RollApp Draft: Bringing RollApps to Mainnet

Similar to the NBA draft, the RollApp Draft is a process for onboarding rising stars to the big leagues. It is a framework designed for easily launching community-approved RollApps and connecting them with liquidity and users.

Green-lighted RollApps will receive funding, community support, awareness, and liquidity incentives for their token pair alongside all the relevant infrastructure (sequencer nodes, RPC endpoints, and block explorers). This approach will make RollApps not only technically sound but also strategically positioned for long-term success.

In addition, multiple incubators and hackathons will participate in The Draft acting as established guided programs on top of the open framework.

What's next

With the upcoming upgrade of the Dymension codebase, the RollApp Draft will begin the permissioned deployment phase, aka 2D (see mainnet roadmap).

If you are a builder with vision and brand this is your opportunity to go big.

How it works


  1. Present your project on the Dymension Forum
  2. Get community approval and funding
  3. Launch and distribute your tokens
  4. Bootstrap your token pool on Dymension
  5. Lead your chain to greatness

Dymocracy, Dymension’s onchain governance, plays a critical role in the RollApp Draft by approving projects.

RollApp builders are expected to present their project to the community on the Forum, with the following template:


The template includes describing the app, long-term vision, token allocation (if a token exists), and brand.

DYM stakers will then approve onchain and greenlight the RollApp to mainnet. This process ensures a gradual release of RollApps before the permissionless phase (aka 3D).

Funding RollApps

New projects:

  • Upon Governance Approval — 2000 DYM
  • Upon RollApp launch — 3000 DYM
  • Upon AMM pool bootstrapping* — 2000 DYM (as 3-month liquidity incentives for DYM / RollApp token)
  • Post one-quarter of successful operations — 3000 DYM

Projects running on different chains:

  • Upon Governance Approval — 3000 DYM
  • Upon RollApp launch — 3000 DYM
  • Upon AMM pool bootstrapping* — 4000 DYM (as 3-month liquidity incentives for DYM / RollApp token)
  • Post one quarter of successful operations — 4000 DYM

*Liquidity pool incentivization is only available to RollApps with a token.

An additional 2000 DYM bonus will be available to RollApps which successfully reach an average TVL of 250K throughout the RollApp’s first 3 months.

Funding is provided by the Dymension Foundation, dedicated to promoting R&D and ecosystem growth (separate from the onchain community pool and incentive manager budgets).

The Draft is designed to bootstrap RollApps as easily as possible. This means all third-party infrastructure providers, such as sequencer nodes, RPC endpoints, and block explorers will be provided.

Bring your app and get your own chain

Additionally, Rolldrop templates are provided to expedite the preparation of token distributions.

For the full process read the docs: https://docs.dymension.xyz/learn/rollapps/production/overview