Babylon - Join the Bitcoin Staking Revolution

It all started with a small group of people 15 years ago. Well 1 person actually, Satoshi Nakamoto. Dreaming of a better financial landscape for humanity. Bitcoin ushered in a new era of ownership, decentralization, censorship resistance, immutability & fixed supply store of value, a new era for the digital economy.

As it progressed from a medium of exchange to a store of value “digital gold” to be HODL, Babylon marks the beginning of a new era in innovation for Bitcoin: HODLing accrues yields.

The First Trustless Native Bitcoin Staking will be made possible, through the Babylon Testnet platform, when it launches next week. Bitcoin staking opens a new realm of financial opportunities for the Bitcoin community and for the first time enables users to earn on their idle Bitcoin, while POS chains can benefit from the immense Bitcoin security the network enjoys.

21M Bitcoins securing the decentralized economy.

One of the most important factors in the development of Babylon was to help Bitcoin evolve, not change. Babylon introduces no smart contract, no requirement to update the Bitcoin Network. Simple, secure, self-custodial and the highest level of security in the industry for any POS chain.

You can join the staking revolution and become one of the first Bitcoin staking pioneers by taking part in Babylon’s Testnet journey.The participation is risk-free: The Babylon testnet will be built on BTC Signet, a testing network, not the BTC mainnet. So your real Bitcoin is not at stake. Read on to find out how.

Become a Bitcoin Pioneer and Mint your Pioneer Pass.

Become an official Bitcoin Staking Pioneer by being one of the first people in history to experience this fascinating new technology.

To take part you will need 2 wallets. An OKX wallet to connect to the Bitcoin Signet Network and a Keplr wallet to connect to Babylon Chain.

You will also need Signet testnet Bitcoin, which you can use to stake in the Babylon Bitcoin Staking App. The Bitcoin Signet is a reliable testing network with a 0-value token aimed at allowing Bitcoin adventurers to safely play around with new projects still in the testing phase. To get Bitcoin Signet tokens you can visit the official Bitcoin Faucet.

Once live you will be able to connect to the app, stake, and then claim your one of a kind Bitcoin Pioneer Pass. The claim period will be open for only 7 days after launch and there will be limited supply available — so you’ll need to act quickly. Each pass will be uniquely inscribed with the serial number representing how early you were to Bitcoin staking and will be available to mint for everyone who took part in the claim period.

How to Get Ready to get your Pioneer Pass?

Step 1 — Install your wallets

You will need two wallets installed to use the Babylon Testnet.

  1. Keplr — This will connect you to the Babylon appchain where you will secure staking rewards
  2. OKX Wallet — this will connect you to Signet, the Bitcoin test network, that runs parallel to the Bitcoin main chain.

Step 2 — Secure some testnet bitcoin.

Visit the official testnet Bitcoin network faucet at and enter your Bitcoin Signet address from your OKX wallet. You can only request a maximum of 0.01 test Bitcoin, once daily.

How to Stake your testnet Bitcoins?

Use this easy-to-follow text guide on how to stake Signet BTC on our testnet.

Alternatively, you can also follow this video for a detailed walkthrough.

What’s in it for you? The Bitcoin Pioneer Pass

The Bitcoin Pioneer Pass is a commemorative NFT that celebrates the launch of the Babylon testnet and the first ever Trustless Bitcoin Staking activity on-chain. The pass will be available to mint to everyone that claims in the allotted time.

Your unique Pioneer Pass will not only demonstrate your early commitment to the future of Bitcoin staking, it will also grant access to exclusive features, and a place in our elite community.

The Story Behind the Bitcoin Pioneers

In the lineage of digital breakthroughs, Bitcoin’s evolution stands unmatched. Echoing the impact of visionaries like Hal Finney and Nick Szabo on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original concept, you are now at the forefront of the Bitcoin Staking Revolution. This isn’t just participation; it’s pioneering the next chapter in Bitcoin’s legacy.

Securing a Decentralized Future

As a Bitcoin Pioneer, you’re not just a participant but a trailblazer shaping an unprecedented era of blockchain security. Your involvement lays the foundation for a robust decentralized economy, unlocking the potential for groundbreaking financial applications within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Legacy and Prestige

Remember, history honors its vanguards. As with the first Bitcoin enthusiasts, your contribution as a Bitcoin Pioneer will be immortalized by your NFT’s serial number. The lower the number, the deeper your mark in this staking revolution. This token is your legacy, a symbol of foresight and a beacon for generations to come in the unfolding story of Bitcoin.

How long do you have to get your pass?

There is a limited supply of passes and the claim period will only be open for 7 days, starting on Wednesday 28th and ending at 23:59 UTC on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.

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